Youme (Mixed Media)


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Youme (you + me)
Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, raised in Yokohama.
Graduated from Women's Arts College.
Currently teaching art at school, I am also making it. The theme of production is making themes on "communication" and "problem occurring on the earth".
In "Communication" which is the theme of the work, standing in the field where teaching art himself, feeling is utilized in the work. Art has a great power. Even if you do not understand or understand words, you can communicate with people from many countries through art work. Not only adults but children are the same. Children who can not express their own will can produce their own ideas and thoughts by making art works and having them appreciate by others. Art work becomes one communication tool. By communicating with many people, we can discover new ways of expression and think that new world will also spread. I am pleased that my work also becomes a communication tool for everyone.
Another theme "The problem that is happening on the earth" is creating works focusing on the problem that is being turned away despite human beings getting soiled by themselves. Materials of art work use trees, shellfish, seaweed and glass etc falling in the sea and forest of Japan.
Through the work, I'm putting in the message that I want you to think about the problem that is happening now.