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Artists who participated in the JCAT SHOWCASE JAPANISM exhibit have their pieces on sale at our online store for a limited time.
Please take this opportunity to look through our online store to see if there are any pieces or artists that you're interested in.
Why not add a rare piece of Japanese Art to your Art collection?

JCAT SHOWCASE JAPANISMにご参加いただいたアーティストの作品を期間限定でオンラインストアーにて販売しております。ぜひこの機会にギャラリーで気になられていた作品やこちらのオンラインストアーにて気に入った作品をご覧ください。なかなかお目にかかれない貴重な日本人アーティストの作品をあなたのアートコレクションに加えてみませんか?

About Japanism  A group of 43 emerging artists from the Japanese Contemporary Artist Team (JCAT) have come together to express their Japanese identity through art. The "Japanism" exhibition is the first collaboration between One Art Space and Curator, Arisa Itami. The exhibition features works of art where the only restraint is maintaining a 12" x 12" size. The origins of this exhibition can be traced back to a casual conversation between Arisa and Dan Giella (Owner, One Art Space) discussing the beauty of record jacket designs. The works of art individually reflect the Japanese culture through the artists' eyes. The exhibition itself reflects the Japanese minimalist approach. The intention of this exhibition is to expose the New York fine art community to Japanese culture before the 2020 Olympic Games that will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan.

What is JCAT?

JCAT, short for Japanese Contemporary Artists Team in New York, is a unique, creative team based in New York. Our mission is to represent, talented Japanese artists from around the world and to assist these artists on the path to successful careers. We scout talented artists of all disciplines, spread the word about their talent through our online database and through yearly exhibitions, and open doors of opportunity so each of our artists can pursue their passion and make a living off of that talent. We believe that every artist deserves to create a career from what they love to do, and JCAT is here to make that a reality.


JCAT Japanese Contemporary Artists Team in New York 略して「JCAT」今までに類のないグローバルレベルのニューヨークに拠点を置くユニークでクリエイティブなチーム。ミッションは世界中の才能あふれるアーティストを世界に紹介すること。そして彼らの、成功し自立したアーティストへの成長をアシストすること。様々な背景を持つ才能溢れるアーティストを発掘し、独自の経験に基づいた方法で彼らのタレントを世界に発信する、そしてアーティストがそれぞれの目標に向かって恐れずに活動できるようにモチベーションを与え、アーティストとして自分の才能で生計を立てられるようにするのが目的。全てのアーティストが自分の好きなことを職にするべきであり、JCATはそれを現実にするために存在する。


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