Shoko Saida (illustrator)


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An Account of My Hut

“The current of the flowing river does not cease, and yet the water is not the same water as before" is also cited in the commentary of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto's work.She too feels like the line keeps repeating over and over in her head lately.She creates works with people as the theme. She lives in Japan so she mainly paints with Japan as the setting. She not only draws fun or heartwarming pieces but has also come to imagine and draw people in all sorts of situations.In Japan's aging society,there are many social problems such as child abuse, non-regular employment, and an increase in poor people receiving livelihood protections.This is true too for all people. For now she continues to paint with people as her main subject. Works are drawn from both real experiences and her imagination.Her artistic pursuits up to now have become my sustenance and she has actually felt it become stronger and underwent change. 2017 for her will become a year for a brand new start. There are still lots and lots of things she would like to do.As ever, she hopes to encourage the generation now building the future world through her drawings.

Woman’s University of art graduated 1994.

Affiliate encouragement prize award 2005years.

2007-2013   Picture book exhibition once every 2 years(Tokyo)

2010~2014 Green Naïve Exhibition (Tokyo)

2013~2015 100 Artists Exhibition (New York)

2014~2015 SPECTRUM MIAMI(Miami)

2013 POP JAPAN vol.4 (Australia)


2014~2016 Salon Art Shopping in Louvre (Pari)

2014 Children's book painters' exhibition 2 (Tokyo)

2014~2015 Launched the "Sketchbook Project"

2014 Postcard Exhibition「Cats & Dogs」(New York)

2015~2016 ARTEX New York (New York)


2015 SHOKO SAIDA Solo EXHIBITION 2015 (New York)

2016 art expo New York 2016 (New York)

2016 “LIFE” Exhibition (New York)

2016 SHOKO SAIDA EXHIBITION『People, People, People For Children』(Tokyo)

2016 ARTEX PARI (Pari)