Kohei urakawa  (Mix Media)


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Kohei Urakawa was born in Sasebo city, Nagasaki. He learned the idea of "Live and let live"
from his family and established his own views to love things that are unique and one of a kind.
After his graduation from university, he learned design at a college and worked for a furniture
company. In 2006, he started his own business and exhibited his works at many art exhibition
and events. However, he had to close down his business on account of the financial collapse
affected the world in 2008.
Encouraged by his grandmother, he started to learn "Sado"which is Japanese traditional
ceremony of serving and having tea. "Sado" gave him a lot of inspiration and stimulated him to
start his artwork "ichirin" in 2016. "ichirin" describes a natural law which is the rise &fall and life
&death of human being through a stem of a flower. He irradiates a moment of the life of flowers

(human being) from his view to find a value of standing out as a unique individual, not of living in
"Some flowers bloom gorgeously and some flowers fall silently while still un-bloomed in the
nucleus. Every life is so beautiful and so ephemeral."he says. "Taking it for granted that the
life goes anywhere, I believe it will enrich your life more to stay true to your true self without
being influenced by others. Finding wealth in the universe around us, not envying the things of
others and chastising yourself with worldly goals."
This philosophy exists inside of himself which practices throughout his life.