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Katsuji Nakagawa was born and raised in Sasebo, which is a town in West Japan where Japanese culture is mixed together with U.S. military culture (there being a U.S. Navy base in the town). He has been dreaming about and envisioning outer space and different dimensions from a young age, and continues to do so today.

Katsuji began his career as a graphic designer by using computer graphics to express his creative vision of outer space. However, the medium of computer animation did not admit the speed with which he desired to produce his art.

Katsuji then encountered spray art, and realized that the speed of spray art allowed him to produce his art at a much faster pace. This fast pace allows Katsuji to create each work of art in one sitting, even producing multiple works of art, one after the other. He doesn’t see himself as confined to only one medium, and is open to expressing his art through other means as he continues to seek new ways to open our imagination to the wonders of space.