Hanane Aoi  (Painter)


English | Japanese

Hanane Aoi was born and raised in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan, nestled between the mountains and the sea. She spent her days reading books and using her imagination. When she was 34 years old, she bought a blue pen and started drawing pictures. She held her own private exhibition under the recommendation of her partner three months after beginning to draw what was in her imagination. She has held regularly scheduled private exhibitions since that time, changing the expression of colors and lines. Hanane draws in minute detail using a thin blue pen on watercolor paper. She depicts a blue world where living things and plants, which do not encoutner each other in reality, coexist together. She does not have a dark worldview. Her world emanates from her thoughts.

 “I see a world of darkness today, and one which will darken further.  Everything around me is darkening. I play with my drawings, which overflow with hope.”---Hanane Aoi.

 Hanane expresses her dreams and what she has imagined from when she was a small child directly along with the possibilities that grow from a singular pen. She has gained many a relationship through her drawings. Hanane spent three weeks in New Yotk City on her first overseas journey in 2017. Relationships were forged there through her drawings in New York City despite not being able to speak English. The local young people where she was staying who saw her drawings called on her, and many friends asked for her on the days they were having get togethers to introduce her to everyone they knew. Hanane yet remains in close contact with the friends she made in New York City. She feels her purpose was was unbounded kindness, and infinite, miraculous encounters with people along the way.

 website aoihanane.azusv.com