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Born in Seto city where is famous for "Seto yaki", one of the most famous fine china known in whole Japan. Yumiko grow up under circumstances surrounding with ceramics in her daily life from her childhood, which naturally gives her consciousness for design for art works.

In 2009, She loved “jewelry crochet” at first glance. She believes her works to be greatly influenced by her aunt who was a porcelain painter for ceramic doll of delicate and elegant European aristocracies. Yumiko creates European style costume jewelries and parchment craft with her noble heart.

Technique of her costume jewelry is jewelries crochet,French embroidery,wire work and so on.She creates costume jewelry with her inspiration that is only one original work in the world. She studied parchment craft under Satomi ITO “Dahlia” has a meaning of “Gratitude” in its flower language.

She creates her works with praying that everyone wearing Dahlia jewelries feel to become happy. Her beautiful work is source of inspiration for what she has seen, what she has touched, what she feels, and her passion. Making a work with a feeling of gratitude inspires her and expands her possibilities. To make wider and further her world as an artist, Dahlia continues to evolve incorporates a variety of techniques.