AYA (illustrator)


English | Japanese

As a toddler, AYA was so absorbed in drawing that she always carried around a bundle of paper and a pen, surprising everyone around her with how quickly she would run out of ink. She got captivated by foreign films and music growing up, which led her to major in the English language at university and get involved in multicultural spaces on a daily basis. In the meantime, her aspiration for creative expression never extinguished and she continued to paint in her spare time. When she held her very first exhibition in a small café in Tokyo, she realized her art has the power to energize and encourage others. This was the moment when she decided that her creations should be not just for herself but for other people as well. In her art, she deals with the beautiful culture and spirit of Japan. Having been exposed to so much cultural diversity, she started to truly understand, appreciate and connect with the beauty of her native homeland; she realized that painting her home soil with affection would make her artworks more unique and original than anything else. A good adjective for her style is “vibrant.” Using organic lines and bold colors, she keeps on creating artworks that will bring a feeling of warmth and happiness to the viewers’ lives.

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