Yuri Sakai (illustrator)


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Yuri Sakai is from Aichi Prefecture Japan.
She was born on 1993. She has loved to drawing since early childhood. Her works are influenced a lot by an American film.
She was recommended watching it by her friend when she had been disappointed in love. She was deeply impressed with the films. They were described the power for living strong which she had not touched in her life. She has watched many American films. And she has been charmed by the image of the man who stand up to difficulty withthe robust body and mind. She has drawn a man many times. A man is the motif that letting her go from femininity, and expressing an admiration.


2016. Methodology of Printmaking 50×50=75(Nagoya University of ArtsArt&Design Center)

         The 10th UNIVERSITIES PORTOFOLIO EXHIBITION (Seian University of Arts and Design)

         The 43rd Nagoya University of Arts Graduation Exhibition (Nagoya citizen's gallery Yada)

2015. The 40th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking(Machida city museum of graphic arts)

         Solo exhibition Fury Summer(gallery AYA)

         peace nine2015 (Nagoya University of Arts Gallery BE)

2014. D×PRINTS 2014 Exchange Exhibition of Printmaking (Nagoya ZokeiUniversity of Art & Design D-1.D-2 Gallery )

        "No Reason: Have Result" Small Printing/KMTL×NUA(Nagoya University of Arts Gallery BE)

         K-109(Nagoya citizen's gallery Yada)


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