Yumi Iwamoto  (Illustrator)


English | Japanese

Because both her parents worked, Yumi had often drawn pictures on her own. She would also often read books. From the time she was little, she had synesthesia. For example, the figure 6 was "yellow green" for her. Her grandmother, who liked to travel, took her to visit various countries such as Italy, France, Egypt, and Turkey and Yumi was inspired by the art of each country. For example, Egypt has hieroglyphics and Italy had a beautiful ocean. She painted from inspiration in each country. In middle and high school, she was dedicated to club activities so she hardly ever drew. Then, when Yumi was a college student, she painted a whimsical portrait of her friend. That made her friend more pleased than he imagined. This caused her to remember the pleasures of painting again and she held a strong interest in art. She went to the art museum on holidays and began to participate in music events since they inspired her. Like in her childhood, she made her own paintings from inspiration. She created an Instagram account and has uploaded out her own art. She felt pleasure in uploading art. She still enjoys drawing every day.