YUKO WADA  ( Painter )

Artist Info

website  https://www.facebook.com/linohulu/
Instagram  @aquamarine1014


Ms. Yuko Wada is a healing artist whose art brings new changes, and healing to the heart and mind. 

Yuko gives free rein to her feelings, and applying acrylic paint without brushes or other tools between her and the paper, she creates artworks that evoke the healing power that people originally possess, and that awaken and stimulate your own healing power. This is the original healing art style, “Linohulu.”

Since her childhood, Yuko has been keenly sensitive to people’s feelings. She has felt and lived the interwoven world of color and people’s minds. Her own difficulties over a lifetime – things from childhood eczema, to divorce to handling children’s problems as a parent – every experience of her whole life has now become the wellspring of her Linohulu art.
"Linohulu" is a coined word from Hawaiian. It means "shining wings", but also something more, something brought together and connected.
"Lino" means "shining", and also "knitting", "tying" and "connecting".
"Hulu" means "wings".

By looking at the Linohulu painting, you notice something, you recognize something, and then you are thinking of connecting to the next thing that may be there, just for you.

When you look at Linohulu art, please be sure to look through your phone camera zoomed in close – Yuko wants you to see the delicate world there that cannot be seen with the naked eye!

2017, 2018: Group Exhibition "Tamano-wo" at Bumpodo (an art shop with over 100 years of history) in Tokyo.
2019: Group Exhibition "Narrative Abstract Art Vol.8" at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo

She actively participates in Group Exhibitions around Tokyo, and holds Linohulu painting workshops.

「Linohulu art/光る羽根」和田ゆうこ

筆や道具にこだわらず、気持ちにブレーキをかけずに 紙とアクリル絵の具だけで 人が本来持っている「癒しの力」を呼び覚ます。
それがオリジナルヒーリングアート「Linohulu art」だ。

子どもの頃から感受性が強く人の気持ちに敏感で、 「色」と「人の心」の織り成す世界を感じて生きてきた。 幼少期からのアトピーや、離婚、子供の問題、生きづらさの全ての実体験が、 私にとって「Linohulu art」を生み出す源になっている。

Linoとは、ハワイ語で「光る 編む 結ぶ 繋ぐ」

Linohulu artを見る時に、スマートフォンのカメラを起動し拡大モードで、肉眼では見れない繊細な世界を見てほしい!

2017年10月の青山での原画展示販売に始まり、2018年からワークショップも開催し始め、 2019年1月には、アートコンプレックスセンター東京で行われた「語る抽象画展vol.8」に参加。東京近郊でグループ展参加やワークショップ開催など精力的に活動している。