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YUKINA (Illustrator)


English | Japanese

Yukina was born in Kagoshima and grew up in Shiga.

She loved to draw and enjoyed scribbling, tracing, and copying pictures every day during her childhood. She also drew comics. In addition, she was very fond of making things with her hands. Not only did she make the crafts assigned by her school but also all the toys she wanted.

Yukina wanted to be an interior coordinator because she was interested in architecture. Furthermore, she also entered a photography school as a hobby.

Finally, her surroundings have changed and she has found the charm of painting again. So she started to take action as an artist. Her face drawings with mature sensitivity is based on a lot of experience. Yukina hopes to communicate how to grasp the world to society.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yukina_color
FaceBook https://m.facebook.com/kmm.yukin