yuki  (Calligrapher)


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Yuki resides in Saitama prefecture.
She liked drawing. If she draws a picture she was praised. When she was 4 years old she started calligraphy. Three sisters including Yuki who was very energetic want to the calligraphy class in the neighborhood. Twice a week, 50 minutes. It was painful for the small children, but she got a trophy and acertificate if she works hard. It was very meaningful. She doesn't liked studying when she was a student, but in "writing" she fought the most with friends. After graduating from high school, while continuing calligraphy, I learned hospitality at school and found a job at a wedding hall. After working on the job in the bridal industry, I turned into a calligrapher. She always liked "only one role." A trophy that only one person can get, a musical instrument that only one person can play, a stage where only one person is selected. Yuki's art is born in the process of searching for "only one role".  And they have no answer and they lead to the next art. Then find a new self (art). In life, the way to reach "only one role" is endlessly long. But she thinks that is a reason for making fun things.