Yui  (Mixed media)


English | Japanese

Yui was born in Kokeshi craftsman 's house in Gunma prefecture and grew up surrounded by traditional works. She was influenced by her father's traditional work since childhood. There was a strong interest in colorful things, glittering things, things with transparency. She put herself in an illusionary world composed of things she likes and had a sense of going between reality and the illusion world. The fantasy world is free to change its shape by being stimulated in the real world, but there were many things made from nature such as the sea, the forest and the universe. The world based on nature gave her peace. Glass has the power to make her world the most gorgeous. When she was young, she went to the festival and bought a glass doll and was doing a collection. Looking at the glass, putting various sensations from the eyes increases her illusion world. At the same time, the glass is the only material that can embody her delicate and colorful world. By trapping the fantasy world in the glass, she heal her tired mind, reminding me of a honest feeling when she was young. By continuing to make glass, her imagination will develop further.

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