Yudai Yabumoto. (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Yudai was born in 1993, and his love of painting tools and drawing colorful scenes from his youth led him to enter art university, where he experienced the pain and difficulty of living. He began to think the world he lived was different than the one others did. Trial and error led him to struggle with painting a decadent world using only a black color pen in creating his works Yudai’s world today in one of evelasting chaos through his sense of drawing set to the theme of a drawing world. He expresses a world where people and all life has become extinct, the once inhabited structures crumble, the natural world where animals once roamed has ceased to exist. This image is one of a dead planet, yet he believes this to be the shape of the world he intend to visit someday. War, economic collapse, the breakup and destruction of the stars of our universe are an expression of we as people.Yudai is impacted by the many things that he encouters each day, such things as anger, pai suffering and happiness. He depicts his feelings as they manifest themselves on any given day.