YOUKO (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Yuko Horinouchi (YOUKO) was born in Osaka in 1965.  She began studying Japanese calligraphy based on her father’s recommendation.  She began painting from the age of 10.  YOUKO started to have interest in creating her own world view by drawing on white paper, and her grandfather influenced her to try using all types of painting implements.  She moved away from Japanese calligraphy towards sports when she was 15.  She was married with children by the age of 20, which led her to cease all of her calligraphy and painting.30 years later, at the age of 49, she returned to her calligraphy and Japanese origami as a hobby while she was still working, which many around her took note of, leading her to form a hospitality group with a non-Japanese approach.YOUKO then started a character brush writing art class for others to enjoy with ease upon retiring from her job at 52 years old, and she is currently active in arranging traditional Japanese culture with a modern feel through calligraphy, ink drawing and origami in her ASOBIMASYO Calligraphy class while enjoying meeting and talking with others.