Yoko Tanaka (Painter)

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Yoko TANAKA was born in Shizuoka, Japan with congenital intractable disease , and had her right leg amputated when she was four years old.

She met the beauty of nature and picture story books that draw world with freedom, that saved her mental and physical suffocation during her continuous hospitalization.

 She learned graphic design at bachelors and masters degree, and  published children’s books theming medical operations and treatment while engaging herself in a wall painting project at a children’s hospital.

 Although she joined a company after completing her masters degree, her chronic medical condition got exacerbated, that caused repetitive leave of absence.

 Since after 2016, Yoko became independent and strives herself to paint with watercolor and color pencils with faint and sensitive touch to draw a world which awaken someone’s heart and mind.

 During her leave of absence, she was asked to draw, that healed herself, and she started to gain back her ‘world with colors in mind’.

Yoko strongly believes people possess ability to turn past experience, no matter how suffocating it is, into hope of light in one’s life, while she trusts no one can take one’s freedom of mind, thus one’s colorful inner world must not be forgotten.

Her mission in life is to deliver drawings and paintings that remind people’s innate power.

静岡生まれ。先天性の難病を持って生まれ、その病気が原因で4歳で右足を切断。 その後も入退院・手術を繰り返す中、自然の美しさや自由な世界を描いた絵の世界(絵本)に出会い、救われる。 大学・大学院でグラフィックデザインを学び、小児科の壁画を描く活動に携わりながら、手術・治療を題材とした絵本を製作。卒業後は企業に就職するも持病が悪化し休職を繰り返す。 休職中に絵の依頼を受け、描くことで自身が癒され、自分の中の「彩りある心の世界」を取り戻す。 退職し16年より独立。以降水彩と色鉛筆を用いて淡い繊細なタッチで心の琴線に触れる世界を描く。どんな辛い事があったとしても、人には希望の光に変える力があると信じ、そんな力を思い出してもらえる絵を描き、届けるのが使命。