Yoko logawa (illustrtor)


English | Japanese

Born in 1984. Yoko loved drawing from an early age.By the time she entered elementary school and later Junior High School she had already won many awards for her work.It was around this time that she began to think of drawing as her way of life.Deciding she wanted to work in this creative field,Yoko began attending artist workshops in her home country and abroad At the age of 18 she won the Illustration Contest of a famous newspaper company. This opened a big door, as the editing section scouted her for a position.With this she was able to start first real illustration job.Yoko’s career continued as with various jobs including recipe illustrations for a famous newspaper,creating book cover and theatre stage picture designs and iPhone case designs as well.At the age of 23 she opened her first exhibition within the popular shopping and site-seeing area of Tokyo called Ginza.As her career tookoff, she also began expanding her network by joining many Artist groups.At 29 Yoko started her own Accessory Brand. Starting her down a new path of working not only as an illustrator but as a brand designer as well.

Website     https://yokoiogawa.themedia.jp/
Instagram http://instagram.com/yokoiogawa