WakanaObara  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

 Wakana Obara was born in 1996 in Aichi.

She was unable to talk in public for the first 13 years of childhood and she was living in a state of being trapped in her own shell. She was injured from her surroundings because she was unable to talk, but she had a very painful experience as she could not express her opinions. However the mother who felt responsible was hiding and crying. She saw it and her heart was deeply moved and nature and tears flooded through.It was the moment she noticed that she as well as her family were hurt in the same way. In response to this, she tried to speak out with courage. People around her were pleased with her changing gradually. And it led to confidence in her. If she could move people’s feelings with her own actions, she wanted to help the people around her shine. As a way to do it she wanted to be an artist who could move people’s hearts with the paintings she created in the old days.

After that she entered art college and studied various fine arts such as pottery, sculpture, picture, oil painting, and printmaking. Among them, what she was interested in was printmaking. Mainly making lithographs, making works together with dry points and mono type, etc. Many processes are necessary to make a lithograph, so that’s why she wanted to select the line she wanted to draw. Carefully painting what she wants to convey, she felt the print which appealed emotionally by using different techniques was attractive. Her works and colorful impacts have been born of repulsion from her past. She strongly appeals to live freely against the prescribed norm of society that turns this reaction into a great force. And she is seeking social affluence.