Vicky (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Since she was a child, Nobuyo Funabiki loved animals and drawing pictures. She originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but due to various circumstances, she became a clinical laboratory technician. However, as the technology improved,  she left her job and later became a realistic painter, animals being her main subject matter.
In January 2015, she began her work as a miniaturist. In July of the same year, she set up a fund for animals and the environment  (now The SATAO Fund), and accumulated 30% of the proceeds from her work. If she accumulates enough, she  donates to individual animal protection organizations. As a miniaturist, she often thinks about what she can do for the animals and environment and tries to connect humans and animals with her work. She expresses her will to continue forever drawing such beautiful and precious lives.

Website  http://nobuyovicky.wix.com/vicky
Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/vicky_nobuyo_funabiki/