towoji honojiro (illustrator)


English | Japanese

towoji honojiro grew up in a misty valley ensconced in nature. She sometimes drew pictures of plants and animals for class, and the praise she got was satisfying, but she was more the sort of child who loved running around the mountains in search of dangerous adventurous. The most fun things in the world to her were climbing trees and scrambling down cliffs, hunting and catching snakes, which she loved more than any other animal, and heading out in search of a thrills.
She may not have gone out of her way to draw much as a girl, but it was common for her to happen upon dead bodies of creatures great and small. One day she stumbled upon a dead kitten. It was no longer breathing, but its eyes were so beautiful they continue to inspire her to this day. Those eyes are at the core of her artistic energy.
Entering middle school, as she made more friends who draw, the impulse to create grew stronger. She was accepted to a high school specializing in art, and began to think of drawing not as a task, but as an attempt to discover what it was she wanted to draw. Meeting students her age whose work she admired left a positive imprint on her spirit.
She produced paintings in a variety of media such as watercolors, oils, and acrylic gouache. After graduating high school, she went on to design school, where she first encountered pen tablet illustration and began to try it out herself. Much of her work from this period focuses on boys and girls who are physically frail but whose eyes betray a hidden perseverance.
Following university, she found work as a designer, but remained active in her personal artistic pursuits, even if on a small level, by uploading the illustrations she did for fun onto the internet and creating illustration booklets with her friends.