TORI  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Yoshihiro Torimasu (Tori) was born in Kagoshima Prefecture.  He grew up in its wonderful nature. He learned karate from his earliest years which laid the foundation for his present work. He moved into jewelry design from the age of 20. He made repeated visits to New Zealand between 1992 and 2002. He was influenced by the magnificent nature and unique artists he encountered there. Tori has painted in acrylic directly using a full range of painting materials based on his moments of inspiration and natural sounds.He focuses particularly on performances which he draws with karate-style movements like music, making it art of instant inspired creation. The skillfully painted figures emerging from his static and dynamic original movements continue to influence others.Tori is a karate master & teacher. He was also an honorary member of the Royal Artist Association from 2016 to 2017.