Tomomi Habuto (Painter)


English | Japanese

Tomomi Habuto was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1986 and is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.She started to become passionate about drawing from a young age. When she was 3-4 years old, she started to use color pencils, and quickly figured out how to distinguish similar colors from different brands and materials used. When she was in primary school, watercolors drew her attention. She developed an interest in painting like Van Gogh at that time, however she hadn’t realized that his works were painted with oil paint and had attempted to express the textures with water colors. When later she picked up painting with oil paints, it became one of her favorite materials ever since.Her love of beautiful color is the starting point from which she paints.. She has also been a practitioner of the Aura-Soma color care system since 2009. The meaning of colors according to Aura-Soma’s teachings and how they reflect and affect one’s subconscious influence the way she paints. Magenta is one of her favorite colors and the beautiful colors of flowers and nature in daily life give her energy and passion to paint, therefore these flowers and magenta color are the main subjects in many of her works.She had a solo exhibition in South Germany in August, 2016.