Tomoko Horiguchi  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

 Tomoko Horiguchi was born in Hyogo Japan, and in her childhood she moved around the country every two or three years for her father's job. After she was 13 years old, she has been living in Osaka.  At a university, she majored in esthetics and art histories, and belonged to an art club. She has attended many group exhibitions, and held solo exhibition in 2010.
Horiguchi's origin of her art is in her childhood, freely drawings on big papers that her mother put on the wall. She tried to do every art technique like oil paintings, japanese paintings, collages, concrete expressions, and abstract expressions. Now she makes drypoint, and monotype prints with PVC boards. She thinks that the lines of drypoint are fresh, have direct energies, and monotype captures the moment on the paper.Her works are guided by inspirations, intuitions that come from art materials, art techniques, and her daily life.  She is interested in spiritual things, and energy. It is not so important for her what to draw, but the energy of the work. This makes her always try to attain a higher energy level in her works.

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