Tokiko  ( illustrator )

Artist Info



Tokiko currently lives in a town of the Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. There are mountains and harbors nearby, and various people come and go. While doing graphic design at a company, she presented her works on social media, and did exhibitions around Nagasaki. She also performed activities such as performance art with her colleagues.

She was interested in designing as a student under the influence of her music, illustrations, ukiyoe prints, and pop culture. She was producing various styles such as paint, graphic design, silkscreen, and so on. Currently, she focuses on making sketches of people for a long time.

 When she traveled to New York, and when she traveled to a disaster area after the Great East Japan Earthquake, she wanted to carve that figure in her mind more deeply. At that time, the sketch could carefully capture the place, and the people living in it. She was attracted to people's everyday appearance. Also, when she lost sight of my direction, she was able to restore her heart by painting people in the town. Drawing is very important for her.

The current style is using simple drawing paper, pen, pencil, and colored pencil. From now on she would like to combine other painting materials.

Tokiko thinks that art can be shared with people across language barriers, and borders. She announced her work on social media such as Instagram, and realized this. She wishes to connect with people around the world through art so she continues doing art activities.