TENPOW SAWA (Calligrapher)


English | Japanese

1967 : Born to this year

1975 : Started going to calligraphy classes in the neighborhood.
1977 : Class portraits of people working were evaluated and love with painting grew.
1984 : Start going to calligraphy classes run by his uncle.
1986 : Became certified to teach at the Japan Penmanship Education Foundation.
1989 : From this point, separation from books and art grew due to factors related to school or work.
2006 : Restarted calligraphy.
2008 : Began inking with India-ink.
2011: Won special award at Japan Penmanship Education Foundation’s 6th Kanbai Exhibition
2011 : Met a master of design calligraphy.
2017 : Started activities working as a calligrapher and inker while working in manufacturing on the side.

Currently: Interior production. The mission statement from the company. For the first time, accomplishments are piling up from our work on things like store banners.

Website tenpow3776.amebaownd.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tenpow3776/