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TAKUYA SASAKI’s intricately detailed pictures create a kaleidoscopic world filled with animals, mystical beings, and spiritual symbols.TAKUYA draws his images mostly in ballpoint pen, creating what he calls ”realistic, and super-realistic black-lined boundaries” that he sometimes fills in with a variety of bright colors. Other times he will leave it as simple black-and-white images that punctuate his compositions. The images are then produced a giclee prints.Working in a style that incorporates elements of Japanese manga,classical pen, and ink drawings, the artist populates nearly every square inch of his works with characters, and objects that radiate what he calls a “joyful energy”. That energy can be seen both in how each individual image is drawn, and in the composition of those images. A simple horizon line will become part of a complex pattern or a vividly drawn animal will be incorporated into a swirling,ynamic design.That energy coexists with a strong sense of harmony, and balance expressing TAKUYA’s love for nature while giving his pictures a highly engaging positive spin.

website https://takuyasasaki.amebaownd.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yellow_plus/
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/takuya.sasaki.75248