Takeshi Kitamura  (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Takeshi Kitamura was born in a drowsy village in Nagano.   When he was young he was weak, and constantly in and out of the hospital. He had a heart treatment that made his face change so much that even his aunt couldn't recognize him.
His only pleasure in the hospital sickroom, was to draw pictures. He appealed his existence of himself to the world in that way. During this time, he had gotten interest in "Life", and "Future".  
50 years later, he is drawing human faces.The face is expressionless, but it shows something to people who look at it. "Pleasure", "Sorrow", and "Nostalgia", these are the feelings that the people who are looking at his artwork try to find inside themselves.They find the important things in their casual daily scenery.  His "Human face" will keep sowing the seeds of his "Hope for future" to the world from now on.

 website kitamura-takeshi.tumblr.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kitatake55/