Takehiro Kato  (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Takehiro Kato is a manga artist. His work connects the world of manga and art and he calls himself a manga artist. His work is neither simply 'manga' nor 'painting'.It connects the two. He drew manga from a young age and completed his Master's Degree in oil painting.It was inevitable that his continuing to draw manga and learned art would connect the two worlds.He had a variety of stories that were always flowing in and out of his mind from an early age. He gradually began to express it with paintings and crafts beginning with puppet plays.Encountering the manga technique led him to believe it the perfect method to express himself.His worldview is one which an individual creates using pen and paper. His fantasy came to be expressed in the real world by encountering manga techniques.His manga is completely different from the normal way of drawing.Takehiro combines nonsensical plots and childish pictures in a chaotic way to create an,  unique manga world.He is interested in something invisible like the human consciousness and mind as qualified counselor.His works are drawn in monochrome like William Kentridge and Edward Gorey which indicate his own unconscious world.He continues to draw stories from the depths of his heart, mixing metaphysical nonsense and humor.