Takahiro KOYAMA (Photographer)


English | Japanese

For most of Takahiro Koyama’s life, there was nothing related to art. He started taking photographs after being enrolled in the College of Arts at Nihon University.
As he has never touched a camera in his life, he was faced with a problem of learning what art is and struggled to express himself in his work.
He loved traveling since he was a student, and  would take photos of the landscape on his trips as he pleased. The extraordinary views that have touched him on his trips made him curious as to the way of expressing those moments as they were captured in his memory.
As Koyama states. “to be able to feel the beauty through your eyesight before you think about it inside of your head. that’s what’s needed in photograph.”the thoughts described in this statement and the will to express the memories of extraordinary and beautiful worldview led him to research about special composite photographs using HDR effects.
He did not desire to take documentary photos; he always took photographs with questions about his subjects, and what he felt at the time. His work is a reproduction of what was shown in his heart in the moment he captured   on his trips. Koyama’s traveling photographs are a true documentary of himself.