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SOUICHI HATAKENAKA became an illustration artist but it took him until he was in his forties.He was born and lives in Osaka, Japan.When he was a child he was attracted to the miniature townscape and mountain and river of TV sets. In college he majored in engineering department of fluid engineering.At the same time, he meets the photography activities.Motifs was buildings and highways, coast. He was devoted to photograph_shooting and monochrome prints.After graduation, he finding employment at advertisement production company and works for sales.In his twenties he received an order for advertisementphotography and CG production of advertisements.In his thirties he started a new development business. Visit hundreds of companies.As a result, it will be possible to receive orders for construction of the museum exhibition hall and busvehicle wrappingadvertisements. And he became a specialist in those works. During that process he met many cooperating companies and Craftsmen and worked together.In his forties he accepted the supervision and guidance of the girl& kick baseball team.In order to win in the game he was inventing a weekly exercise program and implementing.He excited teamwork and experienced the victory. In 2013 he met G pen and black ink.By gaining tools ,the eruption of clumps of images confined in his head began.Buildings and cityscapes are culmination made up of the wisdom and effort of many peoples.Nature& appearance is a beauty that can not involve human knowledge.Both are too big for him to confront reality.But in the illustration he can make them appear only by himself.
He can create expressions that only he can make by utilizing the method accumulated by photo_activities, salesworks and sports_guidance.Seeking motifs all over the world he continues to draw illustlations. And he will not quit drawing.

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