YES - You are god (boar)just how you are -


YES - You are god (boar)just how you are -


【Size】 9.65x13.1inch

『YES ~You are good (boar) just how you are~』2018

* 亥 (boar) and S (the infinity symbol ∞) combine to make the word YES.

Light and dark. YES and NO. By taking the contrasting world as "YES," everything (the universe) is born. The left and right sides of the infinity symbol ∞ represent past and future. Combining them results in "今" (the present). As your heart beats the "今" (present) moves. God took Mary, who gave birth to Jesus (also pronounced IESU in Japanese), as a model, and she is represented in the universe (sky) with the moon as a boar's tusk, having the "tsuki (moon/stab) advance" through the sky. The flowers are anemone. This word comes from the Greek word for "wind," and these flowers symbolize "I love you," "truth," and "faith." Right now (今 present or 亥ま boar) you are feeling good 亥い (boar)! Keep that feeling (意 feeling or 亥 boar) going.

* In Japanese "亥" is pronounced I. "YES" is pronounced IESU. The I from 亥 combines with the
phonetic spelling of ESU from S to make IESU.

ARTWORK by nishiyuu
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