Brilliance Flowers Ⅱ

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Brilliance Flowers Ⅱ.jpg

Brilliance Flowers Ⅱ


mineral pigments,Japanese paper, pure silver leaf
9.53 Ⅹ 26.22

Japanese paintings are made using traditional materials and techniques that have been employed for well over 1000 years. These works have depicted the seasonal flowers in Japan drawn onto vertical screens reminiscent of hanging scrolls. The seasons change from the Midsummer , to the Autumn harvest , to the Late autumn viewed from the top to the bottom of the screen. The 10 varieties of flowers depicted are morning glory, sunflower, Phalaenopsis orchid, Cosmos, Gentian, Chinese bellflower, chrysanthemum, Dahlia, African daisy ,Dianthus.

A matière is made by applying silver on top of the base layer then making it into crepe paper. The flowers are drawn on top. Painting over many layers results in a beauty incorporating air and light.

Nobuyo always says her paintings have a sparkling beauty like the stars confined to a small screen. She speaks of Japanese art depicted through rock paintings made from crushed natural stones of vibrant colors being like a star-filled sky. What brings her happiness is if her works will inspire a sense of brilliance and warm glow.

ARTWORK by Nobuyo Sakakibara
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