All goes as planned(bird)


All goes as planned(bird)



『All goes as planned (bird)』2016

A life that goes as planned.
* 通り (DORI, as planned) and 鳥(TORI, bird) are combined.
* The peacock is said to be the realization of the phoenix on Earth, and this bird is said to bring in richness, love,
beauty, and prosperity while clearing away misfortune. The flowers in glorious full bloom are phalaenopsis
aphrodite, which are said to "bring happiness." Riding atop the peacock's back is Amaterasu Oomikami (the
Sun Goddess). The sun is always casting light, and it is always shining on all of us. Your smile casts light on
you, shines on everything, and will keep on shining into the future.
* In Japanese "鳥" (bird) is pronounced TORI. In the phrase SUBETEHA OMOI DORI (all goes as planned), the DORI and TORI overlap.

ARTWORK by nishiyuu
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