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  Shiho Suzuki   (Painter) 


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Shiho Suzuki was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1995. It is from there that she began ballet from her childhood due to her interest in music and dance. She trained her mind and body each day through difficult lessons, spending her entire time exclusively on ballet for 11 years.  Her art teacher during her third year of junior high school told her she possessed strong artistic ability, and she took notice herself by then that she liked painting from early on. This led her to begin studying art in earnest.  Shiho moved onto a design high school, with the goal of entering an art university. It was here that she learned about ceramics, drafting and design, yet she also encountered oil painting at a private art tutorial school. She felt the enjoyment in new expression which came as she added color depth to her oil painting. She was also convinced that oil painting was the best medium for her to express herself. Although she took entrance exams for local colleges, she ultimately entered Nihon University College of Art as she considered the greater exposure to the many forms of artistic stimulation she would have available to her in such a central region like Tokyo. She spent each day at an atelier during her college life which turned her towards canvas painting. She became committed to color as she added to the number of paintings she completed.  Shiho wants to express and research what she sees and feels about the individuality and potentiality of the colors observable in nature, as well as the sky, the earth, the grasses and flowers viewed through her own eyes, not merely using the paint colors already in existence. It seems simple enough for her to figure out how to dig deeper and continue to paint, as the saying goes: Practice Makes Perfect, yet it is easier said than done. Shiho seeks to add new possibilities and expand the scope of her expression by continuing to paint, while also getting others to learn about her works as they encounter them.

11/2016 4th Kura & Contemporary Art Exhibition
02/2017 ON music project Relay Concert 47 ‘FRUIT’
11/2017 5th Kura & Contemporary Art Exhibition
11/2017 A&D Gallery ‘PINCH’ Exhibition
01/2018 GALLERY KINGYO ‘1000 Drawings Vol. 2’
01/2018 Awarded Top Entry at MOLESKINE
04/2018 A&D Gallery ‘MOLESKINE Awardee Artwork Exhibition’|
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