Sen  (Painter)


English | Japanese

Yuko Hanada, known under her penname Sen, was born in Tokyo. She enjoyed flowers and bugs as a child. For Sen, the suckling of nectar of salvia and azalea plants made the grass whistle producing an enjoyable sound. She longed especially for the figure of dancing butterflies, and was fascinated by the beauty of their wings, which led her into painting natural scenes, desiring to do what she wanted to someday. Sen divorced when she was 30 years of age, becoming a single mother raising 2 small children. She became acutely aware of her own mortality after both her parents died. Before she removed the shackles from her dreams one by one, she found what she enjoyed from her childhood: the passion for drawing pictures of butterflies. Sen’s motto became where there is a will there is a way, launching herself fully into painting 2 years ago to become that artist she always wanted to be. She paints abstracts freely as she is prompted, straight from the heart. The works of Sen, who overcame life’s ups and downs, provide those who view them
healing and comforting repose.