Seiji Matsumoto (illustrator)


English | Japanese

In 1986, Seiji Matsumoto was born into an artisanal family whose grand father and father are gardeners and grand mother is a dressmaker.

In a town surrounded by great nature in Osaka, he grew up with many kinds of animals such as dogs, rabbits, birds and so on. He often used to help his father's work so he was taught craftsmanship, rigorousness and fun in that professional field.

Painting was one of his most favorite things andit made him happy when his family and friends enjoy his painting. Before he knew, painting became his communication tools.

After he entered Osaka University of Arts, he was fascinated by woodcut which has the warmth shade and Japaneseness. At the same time, he started working for a clothing company as a graphic designer and drawing animals or plants in simple style with a small number of colors since around this time.

His paintings which have kindness and peace are drawn with his wish that it makes people soothed in this fast-moving world.

Then in 2010, he moved to Tokyo and worked on big projects with MLB or so as a designer and an illustrator for a Japanese major IT company.
He turned freelance and moved his base to NY in 2016.
He has so far worked in various arts whichwere collaborations with STARWARS, Disney and UNIQLO, and so on.