Satoru Yoshida (Calligrapher)



English | Japanese

Satoru is a Japanese calligrapher born 1979 in Kumamoto, Japan “Drawing was my first interest since early childhood. I enjoyed drawing cartoon characters from Japanese animations. When I was a small boy, my father introduced me to exploring local nature in our surroundings, which gave me numerous adventures with animals, insects and water creatures. The beauty and the mysterious power of nature captivated me, and it remains my greatest inspiration.I studied calligraphy at a local calligraphy school (Japan Calligraphy Educational Foundation) during my elementary and junior high school years.  However, I was away from calligraphy practice for a long period of my life until by chance I rediscovered the joy and happiness of drawing letters with brush(-fude) and ink(-sumi) again. I obtained a teacher’s license authorized by the Kanji (Chinese Character) section of Japan Calligraphy in 2018, and began my self-study into water ink paintings (calligraphy arts).I am fascinated each day by the amazing depth and sheer variety of arts expressed in black on white. I continually push myself to work harder. I put all my heart into brush and ink so that the viewers can experience an emotional response through my work.My calligraphy artwork is a message for people with the hope that it will provide them strength and courage in their lives, which I myself received from those amazing experiences and the people who helped me through my life journey to be here today.”