Sarashina Akane (Painter)


English | Japanese

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Akane Sarashina was born in Yamagata Prefecture, and raised in a town rich in nature. When she was a little girl, her options of playing were limited to catching bugs or drawing pictures. Her paintings have always been very unique and defied conventionalism since that time.  Akane is an artist who paints through inspiration and imagination of scenery she observes, presenting fanciful aspects which are incredibly expressive. People who have viewed her paintings sometimes wonder if her paintings were created along with many artists in tandem, or by her alone, such was their depth and complexity. Her father, a ceramic artist, always advised her “You can paint whatever you like”, and she has not had any of the formal training in that sense to become an artist. Akane has pursued her own path in painting based on instinct, focusing on “imagination”, “fantasy” and “illusion”, creating something new from her unique worldview.  She has held her own exhibitions such as live painting shows at Tokyo Big Sight, Aeon Mall and the Children’s Center, where she has painted on huge canvases or walls.  She has also created original designs such as logos for hotels, restaurants, clinics and business cards. Akane recently has taken to painting smartphone cases and on pottery made by her father, utilizing her worldview. She never stops challenging herself to create a wide variety of art works.