Sago  (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Sago was born in Tokyo. She began drawing in a notebook from childhood and creating works using scrap wood or corrugated cardboard.
She encountered the Rurudo Rondo by chance during her school years when she was quietly continuing to draw.
This led me to draw instantaneous stanzas with the backdrop of a world with breath and depth where I could see mysterious locals who resided there.
she creates her works using a pencil and  eraser on postcards and drawing paper.she named it Rurudo Rondo to signify a hierarchical world which possesses multiple layers.
There are countless worlds with varying sizes and depths.Rurudo Rondo appears to be free of the bonds of people or animals,  and is a place where everyone is referred to a as residing there  equally.
There also appears to be  separate tribes and names. she feel there is meaning viewing the world, not in creating one,  peering through the window to a world without intervening rather with the sensation of depicting it as it is..