Ryota (Photographer)


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Ryota Harada was born in Hiroshima.
He has been inquisitive and unique since his childhood.
He was not good at getting along with people around and had been bullied for 15 years.
When he was 16 years old, he came to express himself by taking photos.
He noticed that there were people who were bullied as him, and began to think he wanted to convey the power of lives to those who suffered from bullying.
He kept shooting various subjects one by one, feeling the power of lives from the vivid hands and legs of human beings living in the real world. And he thought he would express that power more truly in his photographs, so that he would convey the power of lives to children suffering from bullying.
In order to express the vividness of the real world, he applies methods of high contrast and monochrome and focuses on his subject in the hands of man. Setting his theme as “driving one’s soul into his works,” he dedicates his creative activities everyday.

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