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rikaegao15  (Painter)


English | Japanese

 She started painting late in her life , and she was 26 years old when she first went to a painting class. In Japan, most people think that those who cannot draw pictures well are not suitable for art. When we graduate from school, opportunities to draw pictures are almost gone. Her case was the same until she was 26 years old. After that, she learned that art can be learned through correspondence education, and entered Musashino Art University. Here she learned painting, and acquired a teacher's license in art. After moving to Osaka, she studied plaster drawing at the laboratory of Osaka municipal art museum. In 2004, she joined the Alumni Association of Musashino Art University, and could deepen the interaction with many artists. In 2005, she started making pottery. She likes to make 3D works, vessels, and she has produced unique works. She started to become interested in Clinical Art from 2014, and acquired a license in that as well. She is convinced that Clinical Art is very effective in raising children’s creativity, also activating the brains of the elderly, bringing about self expression, and a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. From 2017, she began producing abstract paintings, and has been specializing in abstract expressions with artists that have ateliers in both Paris, and Japan. Through her works, she proves that art can begin at any age.