Natsuko Poe  (Painter)


English | Japanese

Natsuko Poe was born in Nagoya, Aichi in 1979.
Since elementary school Poe loved to draw., Iin her 20s, she learned about abstract painting in her painting class and advertising design in design school.

By holding exhibitions in Europe (Paris, London), America (New York, Los Angeles) and Mexico, it heavily influenced her distinctive use of vivid color pallets.

Poe’s artwork is modern and stylish, using a strong determined women as her motif.
The style of fashion the women in the paintings wear is influenced by the music and eras that Poe loves, which makes them more retro and Showa/Taisho modern (the blend of Japanese and Western style in 1920s Japan). Poe also loves kimono and gained inspiration from the pop textiles in Meiji, Taisho and Showa era.

In her painting class days, she was deeply moved by the watercolor painting technique “wash” and uses it to express women’s sorrow, and melancholy.
In 2017, Poe was selected as the main visual artist for the Creators Market vol.36, the biggest art event in the Tokai region of Japan which received great feedback.

In October 2018, Poe held a solo in the Gallery White Cube, located in Nagoya, Japan. This exhibition showcased the first series of paintings using the abstract techniques that she learned in her 20s. She was able to develop a new Natsuko Poe style by mixing abstract paintings, and fashion. Through this artwork she was able to relieve, and express her inner rage, isolation and hardship that she has experienced throughout her life. She projected her exploding emotions onto the splattering acrylic paint that bounces off the canvas intentionally, and unintentionally. Beyond the watercolor painting technique “wash”, Poe was able to obtain a more freer art style, opening a new ground for herself.

Depending on the mood and emotions at that time, the touch, and color of pencil, pen, and water coloring techniques changes. The unique color pallet and wash expresses the delicate Japanese culture. The growth of the female in the artwork from Poe’s pieces in the beginning to now represent the growth in herself.

Her work is currently based in Nagoya, she is also participating in group exhibitions in New York, and Australia. She is working actively around the world in order to spread her art work to more people.
By reflecting her emotions and experience in life, Poe will continue evolving as an artist.


website http://natsukopoe.com/
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