Namiko  (Painter)


English | Japanese

“There’s beauty in the darkness Nami-san,” a painter once told her.  It was those words that made Namiko pick up the brush and pursue painting again.  An ordinary girl with an older brother and a younger brother, both of whom pursued their careers as school teachers. Namiko grew up hearing her mother’s say “The most important thing for a girl is her charm.” She did not excel academically in school when compared her brothers.  Instead, she had an artistic sensibility and an emotional intelligence which caused her to enjoy the art of painting ever since she was little. During her teen years, nude female figures began to appear in her paintings.  Her close peers and family members all thought they were unusual. Namiko stopped painting in general afterwards. By the time she was an adult, Namiko had mastered spreading her charm to gain people’s acceptance.  It was not until the end of 2016 that she decided to express the original, dark, yet humane side of her through the form of painting. This time, the subject of her vividly drawn watercolor and pastel paintings manifested itself as a chameleon. Her altered ego, a creature that weathered loneliness and anxiety as she blended with her surroundings. Eventually she discovered acrylic pouring which became her current form of artistic expression.  The way patterns emerged, forming what are called “cells” reminded her of her own stirring feelings that continued to rise from within. Using this technique, she has come to experience the joy in sublimating daily anguishes and wistful longings into something concrete and beautiful. These days, Namiko’s primary role is being a mother to three stepchildren.  Yet holding the key called “art” in her hands.  She cannot help but tremble with excitement, fantasizing about what could be inside that Pandora box she thought she had sealed a long time ago.