Monzo Watanabe (illustrator)


English | Japanese

When he was in elementary school, he saw a picture in his textbook that made him want to be an artist like Picasso. He drew pictures in art class that got awards in local contests every time. But he didn't have any chances formally learn fine arts because he grew up at Yamaguchi Prefecture which is rural area. He entered the Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture of National Institute of Technology Tokuyama College. Then he hoped to major in art architecture, but he was not selected. So he got a position as a local public employee after he graduated from Civil Engineering.

In administrative work, he was charge of the city planning design and he was engaged in construction in the first real windmill in Japan. He took charge of basic Perth that made expectation to the art when he was young. He came to aim at becoming an illustrator. In the beginning he drew an illustration on the miscopy on the back of the business card. During that same time, he took a photo to machine the birth of children and applied for the photo contest. He won a few times but he could not be awarded in the high-level contest. The cameras have changed to digital, so he has been using his computer to make his work the colors he want them to be. He won the Cortina (second place) prize of an illustration contest called KODANSHA FAMOUS in 2010 and he participated in the New York Boston art training as a supplementary prize. His hope is to become an artist instead of only becoming an illustrator. In the next year, he aimed to become an artist for that reason, he retired early at the age of the 52 years old. After that he won the grand prize winners in various nationwide contest every year. Many people hardly think it is beautiful to look at rusted or cracked graffiti. His work of art is born with the thought that it is beautiful. The marvelous balance and color are invented once he has converted his photography data multiple times until he be satisfied with it. The change that glass cracked occurs for the art that he printed because of a special collage method accidentally. I'm impressed with it again. It can express the part which the black part becomes like lacquer and the light part becomes like mother of pearl and glasswork.

From now on, He'd like to keep creating a work of art that move many people as long as he is life.