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Miu vingtcinq (Painter)


English | Japanese

Miu vingtcinq was born in the countryside of  Shizuoka , in 1988.
Since she was old enough to understand things, she almost always paint for amusement.
She has started to paint in oils when she was 15 years old.
it’s still her confidence she was praised that she has a wonderful sense of  color .
She learned education and art at college. After that in 2013, she married and she has started to live in France .It was condition favorable for her to paint in oil easily, because the air is very dry in France,.She has shared an atelier with French people, and also she has performed exhibition and produced art works there.In 2016, She exhibited  artworks in Lyon consular office.In the future, she won’t  only exhibit in France and Japan, but also all over the world.Her theme of  art is[ about gap repeatedly born  in the heart forever ].By playing art, to fill her mind and she can feel  that she is alive.

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