miu  (Mixed media)


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The elder sister of a twin , Miu.

As a child, I was someone who thought a lot about why I was born into this world. Why was a born as a human instead of one of the many other creatures on this earth? That thought often went through my mind. I spent my school years following the typical path society had laid out for me. I graduated, married, and was blessed with children. I thought I was living an ordinary life. However, my life became very hectic after my divorce. I worked frantically to raise my children on my own. Meanwhile, my twin sister achieved her dream of becoming an illustrator and I was very moved to see that. Her achievement made me think, "I want to change the way I'm living!", so I fixed my resolve and applied to a picture-book contest. I failed miserably. This made me very depressed and during that time something inside of me cried out "I'm sick of living like this! I'm going to live how I want to live from now on." I liked accessories, but I could never find the exact kind I was looking for, so I thought I should try making some. In March of 2017, I had my debut as an outer space accessory designer. Finally starting work that I really enjoyed, I met all kinds of people and passed every day with gratitude and fulfillment. From now on I want to broaden my range of work while meeting not just Japanese people, but people from other countries as well.

website https://miu-heart.storeinfo.jp
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