Since she was a very young child, Misako Matsumoto liked to draw pictures. About the time she was 26 years old, while raising her children, she began to draw in her own, self-taught way, for the cultivation of children’s aesthetic sensibilities. 

Misako became interested in acquiring the qualification of the former Children's Art Academy (Children's Atelier Papee), opening a classroom at home, and drawing pictures for children. She was also involved in the teaching of modeling for 15 years.

After that, she poured ink on the surface of water, which was particularly impressive in the special curriculum, and the delicate patterns that were made by chance were copied with Japanese paper. Misako is fascinated by the expression of chance that cannot make the same thing again, due to the subtle effects. When Misako did repeat, trial-and-error, and washed the ink, she came to an original expression that combines ink flow and acrylic paint.

Mainly, Misako creates motifs to express a world of animals and plants and people in an unrealistic, mysterious space, leaving room for imagination to the viewer, and also bringing comfort and peace. To give healing, Misako works to create artworks every day with the aim that art can blend into your life and allow space in your heart and mind for a sense of healing.

At the same time, she continued to apply for public support, and she won consecutive awards from 2013 to 2017 at the Contemporary Children's Art Exhibition. In 2018 she received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award. the also grand prize at the Kawagami Shiro Memorial Echigo Yuzawa National Children's Art Exhibition.

幼い頃から絵を描く事が好きで26歳ぐらいから我流で絵を描き始め自ら子供を育てる中、子供の情操教育に 興味を持ち、旧子供美術学園(こどものアトリエぱぴえ)の資格を取得し、自宅で教室を開講し、子供達に絵や 造形の指導を15年間携わる。 その後、特にカリキュラムの中で印象に残った水面に墨を流し、偶然に出来た繊細な模様を和紙で写しとる墨流し を行った際に微妙な影響で同じものを作る事が出来ない偶然性の表現に自身が魅了され 、試行錯誤を繰り返し、墨流し とアクリル絵具を組み合わせた独自の表現にたどりつく。 主にモチーフに動植物や人物を非現実的に不思議な空間の世界を表現し、観る人に想像の余地を残し、心地よさや安らぎ 癒しを与えるよう 生活の中にアートが溶け込み心に余裕が出来る事を目標に日々作品制作に取り組む。 その傍ら公募等にも応募し続け現代童画展では2013年から2017年まで連続賞を受賞し、2018年には文部科学大臣賞 を賜わり、その他川上四郎記念越後湯沢全国童画展では大賞を賜る。