Mika Horie (Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Mika Horie uses unprecedented mixed media to discover and combine the histories of Japanese handcraft and Western photography. Her interest for photography and Japanese paper making began in BA in Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design. In 2008, she moved to the United Kngdom for her one-year study in MA European Arts Practice (Fine Art) at Kingston University London. Throughout her life in Europe, she developed her interest in exploring Japanese aesthetic point of views and sense of humor in our everyday life with various artworks. In 2013, horie established her own studio spacemume (Umeboshi pickled plum) in a small mountain village in Ishikawa, Japan, and started to pursue the primitive passions for pleiotropic arts and design. She consistently creates cyan-blue prints on the basis of ultra-naturalism by using 100% wild Gampi trees, spring water, iron-salt, ferric ammonium citrate, potassium ferricyanide, and sunlight from paper making to cyanotype printmaking.