mayura (Painter)


English | Japanese

Mayura was born in Onomichi of Hiroshima, which is known as a picturesque “cat town”. She was influenced by her mother, who was the clay brooches artist, and began making things from an early age, but became particularly interested in painting.  However, ever since she could remember, she felt odd that when she was given a theme, she’d wind up painting something not exactly related to the subject. Since becoming an adult, she would try to work in paint, but still couldn't paint what she was given. She was interested in education for children, and started part-time job teaching private classes by an educational company. But again, she was disgusted to teach according to the given curriculum and independently managed her own private classes. Even still, she couldn't get way from the art, such as drawing pictures for her students. Since she grew up in a cat town, she set up a volunteer group to protect the kittens, where she started painting again with a black cat character that appears in the group's leaflets. Only paintings that she wanted to do freely are created only by emotions at that time, without deciding how to go about it, as with line drawing, watercolor painting, collage painting, or the like. All paintings are presented one by one, as if she has been able to find her own subjects, without request or task. Since 2018 he has been vigorously engaged in activities to display paintings done at group and solo exhibitions. Furthermore, while also managing a cat cafe and a small gallery, she is deepening exchanges with fellow artists.